Time – How I Spend It

I find time going by so very fast. I keep trying to ‘get caught up’ on just basic things. Then I try to think, why am I always so busy. What happens to my days. So I decided to write down my typical timeline.


Up at 7:00 during the summer.

7:05 Darren calls on his way home from work. We talk while I am getting ready.

7:20ish I come downstairs. Darren just gets home. He makes me malt-o-meal and coffee for breakfast. During this time I put dishes in the dishwasher, sort Drake’s meds for the week, water the plants, bag up the trash. It all depends on the day of the week. Each day is scheduled so I don’t forget anything. Also, during this time I talk with Darren about his night at work.

8:15 I go downstairs to my office. On the way I put in a load of laundry usually. Sometime during the day I try to put it in the dryer.

8:30 I turn on my work computer to start my day. Somewhere between 12 and 2 I try to grab something for lunch. Lots of times this does not happen. It is very normal that I don’t get up from my desk until 5:00 if I am going somewhere that night or between 6:00-6:30 if I am not. I try to remember to grab the load of laundry. This is hit or miss.

If I am going somewhere I usually have to leave right away to get there because the majority of places are 30-40 minutes from my house. I walk upstairs, tell Drake I love him and where I am going. Darren is sleeping. I also tell him if there is something ready for dinner, this usually isn’t the case. Or what I am bringing him. Or if he is on his own to make something. I usually try to bring him and Darren dinner if I do go out.  I try to be home by 8ish then Drake and I watch whatever our current Netflix series is together. Currently it is Supergirl. He is a big superhero fan.

If I am staying home I work on any BluSparkle orders I have, make dinner and spend time with Drake. Usually watching our current Netflix series. Every once in a while Drake asks to go for a ride on Pixie, my CanAm Spyder. It is a great way to spend an hour or so.

Darren gets up about 9:15. He eats dinner and makes comments about whatever show is on Netflix. Then at 9:40 he heads out the door for work. at 9:45 my phone rings and we talk about my day until he gets to work at 10:11.

At 10:15 Drake heads to bed and I try to unwind from my day. During the school year he is in bed by 9 so he can unwind from his day.

This is usually the time when my mind can relax enough to do some writing or working on one of my projects. Before I know it, the time is 11:00 or usually much later. That clock moves faster at this time of day.

When I recognize how late it is, I then make myself go to bed because the whole routine will begin again soon.

When school is in session my day begins at 6:00 so I can keep Drake on task to get out the door at 6:55 for his bus. Mornings are the toughest for him with his ADHD. Routine is good but if I am not nudging him he loses track of time quickly. While he is getting ready we use this time to chat about random things. Usually school things, music, or video games.


Weekends are different. Friday nights Darren is in charge of dinner usually. Sometimes I am home, sometimes not. This is a time that Darren and Drake have some one on one time usually.

Saturdays I try to keep clear for family. This is the only day of the week that Darren is on the same time schedule as the rest of us. We do our Nana / Papa days. We do family gatherings. We do household projects. Sometimes we just hang out together doing Netflix or movie marathons. I try not to feel guilty when I know I have a million other things I should be getting done. This is an important day for our family to stay connected.

Sundays Drake spends time with his dad. I work on personal projects like BluSparkle, crafting, JTC&S, writing cards to the grandkids. There never is enough time to get everything done but I keep moving forward. I never seem to have nothing to do.

As I sit here and write out what my typical day to day life is like I think to myself “No wonder I feel so behind all the time.” There is not much time to fit in anything else. I believe I am focusing on the right things. My priorities are my family first. My grandson Drake is 15. He isn’t going to want to hang out with Nana to much longer. Darren works third shift so our only time to catch up during the week are our daily calls. Until he changes shifts, this is how it is.

It is 1am early Sunday morning. The house is quiet. We had a good Saturday together getting some needed tasks done. I have to remind myself that the projects that I want to do are moving forward. Not at a breakneck speed but they are going in the right direction. It will all get done when it gets done and I have to be ok with that. There will be more time in the not so distant future.

I will be gentle with myself as there are some things that are out of my control. I can’t compare myself to others as no one else has a life just like mine.

I will have to read this post again when I am feeling like I am not doing enough and when I am overwhelmed with the length of my to do list.

3 thoughts on “Time – How I Spend It

  1. Joan Spevak says:

    Amazing how “time” seems to fly by. Think if the things you are accomplishing. You really are. Lovely to read about working thru lunch as I often do too! Have to remind myself to get up and stretch….put that laundry in the dryer. Thanks for your share


  2. June Swart says:

    Love this post. It is good to remember to focus on the important things and that everything else will get done eventually. It is not a race but a journey.


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