Human Experience

“I am a spirit having a human experience.”

When I first heard this phrase it made so much sense to me. I took that in and wrapped my soul around it. I knew without a doubt that I am on a journey to experience living. I also know that this isn’t my first time on this joy ride of life.

I listen to my heart and if an experience feels good I move toward it. If it doesn’t feel right to my soul then that is something I don’t want to experience. I have come to realize that nothing can limit me, unless I don’t allow the experience in. Once I have let it in then I can learn from it and help it make me more than I was before. Good things for me don’t always make me smile. Good can be trying new experiences like skydiving or learning how to create stained glass. Writing a letter to a friend. Being with someone who is hurting and using the experiences I have had to help them find a little light. It can be crying tears of grief for a person that touched my heart and I didn’t let them know. Good can be walking away from a car accident knowing I have more life left to enjoy. Life is about all human experiences. Lots and lots of experiences.

I know it seems out of the ordinary how I perceive life. It is hard at times as I continually learn and grow, moving forward through my life. I want to bring so many that I love on this journey of experiences with me. I have to stop and realize that not everyone thinks the way I do. So many find a place they are happy and learning new things isn’t what brings them joy any longer. I find myself stopping, staying at a stand still, as I try to nudge them along with me. I should have learned by now that this only causes frustration. I have to allow them to enjoy where they are. It hurts my heart but it is best to let go of those expectations. I know it is the first step of disconnection and change. That is the hardest experience for me.

It’s important to never allow anybody or anything to make you suffer. I decide to be happy. I decide to be better. I decide to mature and gain wisdom. There’s nothing more powerful and beautiful than self-awareness. I don’t want to make those decisions for others, they have to decide for themselves.

What are you doing with your human experience this time around? May it bring your soul joy.

Blessings to you and yours,


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