Spyder Family Time

There is a new hobby going on at our house lately that is providing some unexpected benefits.

As a lady that reaches 5 foot 1 inches I always was a little tippy toed when I rode my two wheeled motorcycles. I have had my motorcycle license since I started my divorce proceeding from my first husband in 1996. He would tell me the only way I would ever be on a motorcycle was if I was on the back of his. That gave me the incentive to learn how to ride and show up to every court proceeding on my bike. Talk about feeling in control. It was a huge boost to my confidence.

As I have been adding more numbers onto my age though it was becoming less enjoyable to be unsure of my footing when riding. I wasn’t sure I could pick my bike up either if for some reason it tipped. You have to be prepared for anything. I found that instead of taking a spin on the bike, it sat in the driveway collecting dust when it should have been kicking it up.

Last July for my birthday my hubby Darren got me a 2017 F3 Limited Can-Am Spyder. It had zero miles on it when I started it up at the dealership. It had been on my wish list for five years. I was thrilled!!

Driving my Spyder home was as exciting as the first time I rode to the courthouse on my first motorcycle but when I came to a stop I didn’t have all the nerves while waiting at a stop light. It took those gnawing concerns that would tingle up the back of my neck and crushed them. It was awesome!

Last summer I did a lot of traveling for my job so I didn’t get to ride my Spyder, her name is Pixie, as much as I wanted. While I was away Darren would take Pixie out for a spin. He is the one that taught me how to ride back in 1996 but no longer had his license. After about two weeks he walked into my office and pulled out a piece of paper to show me. It was his permit. He was on his way to riding again but he said he was going to ride my two wheeler.

Pixie got parked for the very long Minnesota weather in November. Riding season isn’t that long but it is fun while it lasts.

The beginning of the year Darren saw an advertisement for a new Can-Am bike called a Ryker. It was a third of the price of mine and he decided that he wanted one of those instead of riding the two wheeler. He had fallen in love with how easy riding Pixie was. His health has been declining and the three wheels allowed him the ability to really enjoy a ride.

In April we started looking at the Ryker’s. He sat on them at the dealership and he was really disappointed. If he was 20 years younger he would have been all over it but it just wasn’t comfortable. We started looking for used Can-Am’s. Soon a Can-Am Spyder 2011 RSS Roadster came into the dealership that I got mine from. It has the majority of the things Darren wanted, it was a cool color, and was still just a third of the price of mine. Score!

If the weather is nice and we have more than 30 minutes, we are out for a ride every chance we get. Drake, our almost 15 year old grandson, joins us as much as possible. We are working up to longer and longer rides. It definitely takes some work to manage the Spyders but we are gaining strength with each ride. It is the funnest strength builder I have ever participated in.

The three of us took a ride to my sisters a few weeks ago for a family gathering. It took about thirty-five minutes to get there. There was beautiful scenery to enjoy all the way there. On this particular ride we saw a lady running a horse, no she was not on it. She was running beside the horse. I asked Drake if he saw the lady and the horse. His reply was “Of course I did, I can’t do anything but look at nature.” To me this was the confirmation I needed. For these family rides there is no electronics in play for him. Yay! Another SCORE!

Darren and I took the Spyders to Red Wing a couple weeks ago while Drake spent some time with his dad. This was just over an hour drive one way. The roads from here to there were absolutely breathtaking. The weather was perfect, the wind was blowing just right. It was a day to just soak into the surroundings and enjoy all the beauty.

We stayed in Red Wing about 30 minutes. Just long enough for me to walk the river and capture a few Pokemon and spin quite a few Pokey stops in Pokemon Go, grab a soda and then head back home. It was a nice break from the norm.

Riding together as a family has been a great new hobby we have added. Darren and Drake are both willing participants in going outside away from computer screens, television screens and cell phones. Darren is always planning our next trip. He is planning a ride to Wisconsin Dells soon which is over a couple hours one way. We will spend the night or two, participate in some of the local entertainment then head home. This would not have happened without the Spyders. I really want to take the bikes all the way to Mount Rushmore. It may have to be next summer but it will happen the way things are going.

It promises to be a fun summer! I almost have 1000 miles on Pixie and will be working hard to increase that number.

2 thoughts on “Spyder Family Time

  1. June Swart says:

    What a happy post! It seems like the Spyders have really given you strength and brought your family together in a fun and healthy way. You also seem to be much more excited about your future.


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