Be An Angel Today!

There was a time in my life that my daughter, prior to her death was incredibly close to being homeless. She was full of pride, she was young and listening to mom wasn’t always easy for her.

Not all kids have someone to support them. They are alone, scared and homeless. They don’t know when their next meal will be. They don’t even have the ability to dream of a better tomorrow as they are just trying to survive today.

The Emotional intelligence leadership class I am part of is working to raise funds for the Youth Assistance Coalition to help and support these kids that are living on the streets. They go out every night looking for homeless kids to bring them food, clothing and offer them shelter. This team of volunteers use their own vehicles to do this work. My class is raising money to help them get a van.

We have only 5 days left to meet our goal of $100,000. I know I have amazing friends and family that are open to sharing their blessings with those less fortunate. Please take a moment to be that amazing person. It could easily have been my daughter that needed that support. It could easily be someone you know.

Take 2 minutes to donate. Any dollar amount will help. ❤ 🙅♀️🙅♂️ ❤ Be someone’s angel today. I will match any donation you make today.

Thank you in advance for helping this group of volunteers make a difference. #leadership #donations

Your thoughts and comments welcomed

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