Little Gold Bands

ringsNot everyone celebrates golden birthdays as I have recently found out. In our family they have always been treated with extra special attention. I was on a mission to find something that would show you how special you are to me. Something that would remind you of my feelings for you whenever you glanced at it.

I found a beautiful gold ring with a variety of stones in it that circled the band. I gave it to you on the twentieth day of the month, the day of your twentieth birthday. I shared with you how much I loved you and that no matter what I will be there for you. I had the pleasure of seeing your eyes light up when you noticed that I had gotten one for myself as well. You were thrilled that when I looked at my ring, I would always have a reminder of you too. The matching rings brought tears to your eyes and you hugged me telling me how much you loved them. They were both for you after all.

I never once saw you without your ring and you always made sure I was wearing mine too.

It is now over seven years later and both rings reside on my finger. I look at them often, always a reminder of you and how much I love and miss you.

That gold ring was the only piece of jewelry you were wearing that day. The day you chose to leave this world. I know you were thinking of me right up until the end my beautiful daughter.

When the world slows and I take the time to sit with these little gold bands, I sigh, and wish you would have worn your golden birthday gift many years into the future, not just two.

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