The Greatest Investment

The Greatest InvestmentEvery day is made up of many little decisions that come our way. We have to make choices that make up who we are. I work very hard to choose actions that I will be proud of later and not all of them are easy. Plus, not all of them are right.

You also have to add in that choices are made with the information and experiences that the decision maker has.

For example, as a new parent you make choices for your child based on the path in life you have had so far. If the only education of raising a child you have had is how you were raised then that is how you will proceed at the beginning.  If you have questions about one thing or another you reach out to others. You will then add that information to the details for raising your own children.  Your child raising education grows like this as your children grow. One piece after another gets added to your life education. You apply the knowledge you gain to the best of your ability. You will make mistakes but you will do your best to correct them as you learn more.

All journeys in life are made up the same way. You can only make decisions based on the information you know at the time. Your journey won’t be the same as any other person. Due to this you should not compare your life to another. Your journey is based on your life education. You acquire more and more as knowledge as lives and experiences interact with yours.

Now here is the hard part. You have gained all this information through many different methods. Good things and bad things that have been a part of your journey. You are put into situations where you have to make a decision on helping another or not. One decision is the easy path that will save your heart from hurting in the short term. The other decision will make your heart hurt but it will be the one that will help others grow and learn for their journey. It is the decision that will educate them to make better decisions as they move forward in their life. This decision ends up being an investment of sharing your heart, your pain, your joy and your knowledge. This to me is the greatest investment.

I don’t claim to know everything. I also know that I don’t have exactly the same experiences as anyone else. I do feel sharing what I know combined with what others know makes their decision making education just a little bit better. It isn’t always easy but it always worth it.

Your thoughts and comments welcomed

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