My 2016


I can’t believe that 2016 has come to a close. It went by so fast but when I look back over the year a lot of things have happened.

January 2016

This whole month was filled with dinners with friends to celebrate the holidays and to share my 2015 Xmas Gem with the people who made 2015 special.

I did ceramics with my acquired daughter Jacki at Lily Pad Ceramics. I had a lot of fun with Jacki and her friends painting a beautiful bowl. It had butterflies on it. I was very disappointed when the Lily Pad Ceramics either misplaced my bowl or broke it.  I at least have a picture of it.


I went with my awesome friend Tina to the Como Zoo Conservatory on her very first visit to celebrate her birthday. It was a wonderful way to spend a chilly day. We got lots of beautiful pictures.


Como Zoo Conservatory flowers

I saw my 12-year-old niece help out at the Smuckers Skating event. It was so cool to see how proud she was of the role she had of picking up the flowers and stuffed animals that were thrown on the ice for the skaters.


February 2016

The beginning of February my friend Tina had a car accident. This was a life-changing event for her.

I started doing a bullet journal on February 21st. It was one of the best decisions I have made for how my brain works.  It has evolved over the year but some things remained constant. I love the way it gave me permission to draw and color in my planner/journal. I only have to have one book to capture everything. It holds my planner, journal, dreams, to do’s, shopping lists, and the best part is I can glue in pictures or draw them but I am not so good at that, I do make and color letters for the days and months, I add quotes that I love everywhere, I can go backwards adding drawings in empty spots and if I don’t do anything for a day or two there isn’t a blank page left to remind me and make me feel guilty.

I wrote the draft of my Toastmasters International speech about ending the stigma of mental illness. This later became my video you can see on my blog.

My granddaughter Ceci turned eight!

March 2016

I won first place in the Club and Area Toastmasters contests for my International Speech and took third in the Division Toastmasters contest.  It was a huge accomplishment for me.

It was announced that my tenth grandbaby is a girl. My son and daughter-in-law are adding their FOURTH daughter to their family.

I had a couple days with my grandson Drake. We sang ‘Ring of Fire’ together while driving in the car. It definitely put a smile in my heart to do that.

I tried out having Game Night with my girlfriends. I had a ton of fun. I laughed almost to the point of tears.

April 2016

….. more to come



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