I Spoke At The MN State Fair

I can’t believe I had the opportunity to speak at the Minnesota State Fair on Monday. The microphone stand was not in the best place but that is just the way it is. It was an awesome experience to take the opportunity to educate people about the stigma of mental illness. Every time I share my story I know I am making a change.

Three separate people came up to me afterward thanking me for being brave enough to speak up and make a difference. I hope people hear my message that everyone needs to start talking, everyone needs to share their story, talk about how mental illness impacts you. Go to Google and search for information about the mental illness that is closest to you. If it is yours, a friend’s, a co-worker’s, it doesn’t matter the who, what matters is that you are willing to educate yourself and share what you learn. If you are seeking help don’t keep your story to yourself as that too keeps the stigma alive. Share your story and you will help stop the stigma.

I am co-sponsoring a fundraiser to help raise money for NAMI MN (National Alliance for Mental Illness). We are also participating in the MN NAMI Walk. If you want to help please sponsor My NAMI Walk.  We are walking on September 24th. Our goal is to raise $4000!

If you live in MN please come out and participate in our incredibly fun event. Here is the flyer with all the information – MN Singing For Smiles flyer.

Here is our new Press Release that I am pretty proud of too – MN Singing for Smiles Press Release.

I am excited with every step we move forward and with each person that joins me on this journey.

Your thoughts and comments welcomed

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