I Love You – More Than Words


There was a time in my life that I felt the words “I Love You” meant more than anything. They are important but I know now it is how people treat you that really lets you know how they feel.

Today is the ninth anniversary of being in our house. When my husband and I were looking for our home we had a long list of “wants” because frankly I never want to move again. I have had to move way to many times in my life that I wanted to set down some solid roots.

I wanted my children to have a home that they grew up in. A place where they could make memories and relive those memories with their children when they came to visit. Through many reasons I was not able to provide that to them. Giving a place full of memories to our grandchildren became very important to me. So staying put, in one place, was one of the top things on our list of wants.

Next on our list was having a place for my glass studio and a place for hubbies metal work. Check, we both have those spaces.  Enough bedrooms for family to visit. Check, we have enough sleeping spaces for all nine grandchildren and their parents if needed. Offices for each of us. Check. The list goes on and on. A major item on the list was having a room we can modify into a movie theater, nothing big but something that hubby and I could get that movie feel in our own home.  Movies are a big deal for hubby. This has been a dream of his for as long as I have known him.

Last week, prior to work I was enjoying a spectacular cup of coffee made by my husband. Definitely a wonderful way to start the day. He sat across from me in a way that made it obvious he had something he needed to say. He leaned in towards me, cleared his throat and informed me he had made a decision. He then went on to tell me that he has decided that he is not building a movie theater any longer. He is going to use that space to build a broadcasting/recording studio. He then said “You have a message that the world needs to hear. You are an amazing public speaker and really connect with your audience. You can make a difference. You need to record your speeches and make them available to the public. I believe in you and I want you to do this.”

He was half way through with what he was saying and I had tears streaming down my face. The emotions within me were intense. His belief in me is overwhelming. I feel his love for me every day. Through his acts of love. Through his words. Through everything he does. Him giving up his movie theater is just another huge way he shows me how much I mean to him. Yes, I hear the words “I Love You” every single day but the way he shows he loves me is what sinks into my soul.

I am still absorbing this new aspect of LeRoux Communications. Recording my speeches and sharing them. I have more analyzing to do as I revel in how exciting it is to have the opportunity. As I process more I know the whole picture will come together. Today, I will just enjoy being loved and how much hubby believes in me.

Love is not about how much you say I Love You but how much you prove it is true. I don’t think I could have said that any better. I am so lucky to have the love of my husband and how he proves it every single day. I know he feels the same as I share my love with him. Our love is amazing.

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