Sibling Qualities

siblingsHave you ever thought of what qualities you would have selected if you could have added your input on what traits your siblings would have?

I am the oldest in my family but there are many times I wish I had an older brother. One that would have been my protector. One that would have taught me “what boys want”. One that would have taught me all the in’s and out’s of changing the oil in my car or how to change a tire.

My uncle taught me about cars but because my dad passed away when I was young I really never got the input on what a protector was.  I never thought it was a big deal until I started looking back on my life instead of forward.

Some choices I made would probably have been different and a few lessons would have been learned earlier rather than later. All choices trigger different paths in life. Maybe with different choices I would have ended up in a whole different place.

If I could choose what I would want in siblings I would add in some that I think are most valuable.

  • Loyalty would be a big one. No matter how bad things are they would be there for you.
  • Honesty, the kind that only a sibling would know because they know all your secrets because they grew up in the same home. Honesty to tell you when you are getting off track in life and also when you are doing amazing.
  • Humor, siblings should be the safe people to get silly with and be able to laugh so hard with that your sides hurt.
  • Love is top of the list. Unconditional love through the good and bad journeys in life.

I have many memories of my siblings. Some of them bring smiles that warm my heart. Others make me feel an ache that only deep pain can cause.

As I said earlier each choice triggers different paths in life. Since we all are in control of our choices others decisions also effect out paths. One will never know how things could have been if different choices were selected.

If you have a good relationship with your siblings don’t take it for granted.

Your thoughts and comments welcomed

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